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Group Name: _
Honest Response

Team members: __
Stephanie Rios and Pierre


Part 2: Methods section draft
This will be due on D2L by 11:59pm on Friday 10/25.
Please submit it in the dropbox labeled: “HW 3­ Part 2, Member 1, 2, 3”
You will use the feedback from this part of the assignment to complete the methods section in your individual final papers. Only 1 group member needs to make the submission of your methods outline. HW3 Part 2: Methods Section Draft
Each section should be written in complete paragraph form. You should use the
“WRITING APA STYLE RESEARCH PAPER” guide that is posted on D2L to complete this assignment. You can also look at the final paper rubric on D2L to see how the methods section will be graded on your Final Paper. 1. Participants:
Describe the subjects ­ how many total subjects there were and how they were recruited. Our subjects total is 27 and the participants that we are using are from our class setting with Research Method 2. 2. Measures/Stimuli:
You must describe each questionnaire that you used separately. When describing each questionnaire you must include the following:
Which variable(s) was the questionnaire designed to assess Our first questionnaire was designed to assess whether or not individuals were in a relationship or not. Our questionnaire was newly designed to classify participants as either single or dating.
The first questionnaire for our IV1 has five question to determine whether participants are in a relation and to also assess how they feel about their partner if they are in a relationship. A few examples from our questionnaire are: Are you in a relationship, if so do you currently see a future for you and your partner? Do you consider yourself apart of the dating market? These questions are yes or no questions do participants are expected to answer with yes or no. There are a few questions that requires a rating and participants should circle how they would respond in the situation based on the scale. Once all questions are answered for the first IV questionnaire participant will be split into two group based on how they answered. Those two group will be either single or dating.

The second questionnaire was newly designed to determine whether good outcomes or bad made a difference in individual honesty with their partners. The first questionnaire has scenario with a bad outcome and the questionnaire for the second independent variable has a different scenario, the difference is that form B has a good outcome. Then after the scenario is read it is followed with five questions with hypothetical situations, such as: Your partner’s mother has been getting way to involved you relationship. Your reaction? A) Keep all your complaints to a minimum. Mom will get a clue. B)Tell your partner that if it continues to happens, you are leaving or C) Hold your feelings in and get closer to your partners…