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Case Study- Hy Diaries

1. Observable signs that things have gone wrong/red flags

Rochelle did not know her boss well enough to express how she feels
Within many organizations marketing is not an obvious known route to reach the top of level management
Syd did not communicate well enough that his career had soared once he became apart of marketing and because of this Rochelle felt that because it was a room that was done in the back she was being discriminated against and did not feel rewarded at all.
Both parties did not ask questions which in turn allowed them to jump to their own conclusions
Rochelle enjoyed the position that she was currently in and felt as though the new position was a 'back door job' position
Syd assumed Rochelle's expression to the job offered and did not ask enough questions
Due to past experiences that Rochelle endured with her previous employer she felt that she was again being discriminated against which has left her with the decision to either confront her boss or leave her job

2. Reflection


In my point of view there are many identifying factors that contributed to what made this situation go wrong. First and foremost, I believe that poor communication was the leading factor of why this scenario went the way it did. Although Rochelle did not know her boss as well as others that she works with she should have expressed her concerns about the new position to her boss in order to get the correct answers to her questions. As written in chapter three when looking at perceptual errors I believe that Syd definitely had a false-consensus effect. The false-consensus effect is believing that others are thinking and feeling the same thing as you, he believed that what he was offering Rochelle was common sense and that she should know that it is an amazing opportunity that was being offered to her but in reality she had no idea that his career soared once he became apart of the marketing department.


Another important experience that had happen in this scenario that I believe is important to reflect on is in regards to the conflict about discrimination. I believe that the reason why Rochelle felt as though she was being discriminated against stems from how she was treated by her previous employer. Because Rochelle had been discriminated against once in a work environment she can not help feel as though that is why she is being offered this 'back door' job, because it was placed away from others in comparison to where she is working now. Throughout our readings in class we talked about self concept and how it can affect how you act at work. I believe that Rochelle's self concept negatively effected how she felt about the job offer due to previous experiences. How I believe Rochelle came to this conclusion was by self-stereotyping. She categorized the one experience she had and then began homogenizing it by believing that the same thing was happening that happened to her in her previous work place. The risk of Rochelle doing this was that she perceived this job opportunity in a negative way which can potentially lead to missed opportunities.

3. Recommendations

There are a few recommendations I have for both Rochelle and Syd that I feel could have resulted to a better outcome. If we refer to the MARS model of individual behavior and results we would notice that there are a few identifying factors that effected Rochelle's behavior when she was offered the new position. Rochelle enjoyed the position she was currently in and felt motivated in that position. Her role perceptions of the new position was that it was a back-door job and that she believed she was being placed there because she was an employee of minority. I believe that if both Rochelle and Syd communicated better about what the new position entailed the outcome of the whole conversation could have been a lot more positive, which would have led to a more positive outcome. For this scenario I