Hybrid Cars: The future of air pollution Essay

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Do Animals have Intelligence?
When I was little, probably around 7 or 8 years old, I had a dog for about 4 years’, his name was "Kido". He was a miniature poodle. Kido knew a lot of tricks. He could play fetch, he would know that he could only take a dump or pee outside. I remember one time I lost him at the park and he came home because he remembered where my house was. Dogs do have intelligence, people just need the time to understand their pet and see what they are capable of. Animals have intelligence and they all have a purpose in life. For example, why do animals look for food and shelter? It’s because they know that without food, water, or a place to rest, they will not survive in the wilderness. They may not be aware of everything, but they do know what’s going on when something bad is happening. Depending on how attached you become with your animal, the more you will learn about what they can do. Dogs can be more intelligent than you think; my cousin’s dog walks him to school everyday, and picks him up after too. They might not know as much as humans do, but they still have a functioning brain to understand stuff. Another intelligent animal is a rat. All rats learn new behaviors and tricks easily. Rats also have an amazing sense of smell and hearing. They have been trained to detect land mines and bombs. These animals are incredible at solving mazes. They possess met cognition, which is a mental ability that has previously only been documented in humans and some primates. There are allot…