Hybrid Electric Vehicle and Honda Accord Hybrid Essay

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A1 Project
IMC Plan for the New Honda Accord Hybrid Plug-In (2014)
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Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
Segmentation and Targeting The environment has become a concern for most people in today's and they are looking to do better for the environment and the society. As the mind set of customers are changing the segmentation of the customers for using hybrid cars are also changing. Honda’s presence in the hybrid market has slipped in recent years. The Honda Insight was introduced to the U.S. market in late 1999, the first hybrid available to American car buyers. The two- seater was discontinued in 2006, due to low sales[1]. The Honda Accord Hybrid, a gas-electric version of Honda’s popular family sedan, also fell into the same category and did not succeed in the market. However looking in the the past few years there has been an increase in the sales for hybrid cars. We are planning to penetrate into the market with then new Honda Accord 2014 Hybrid Plug- In car. The reason being that we have seen in the recent past that the target audience for hybrid cars lies between the age group of 30-40 years. However a large percentage of the audience (youth) are not still evolved into buying the product. The concept of the plug in car is the “future”. We can see that the main competition in the hybrid market is Toyota.
Figure for Canadian Hybrid Market (2012)[2]

1. Toyota Camry Hybrid 2. Honda Civic Hybrid 3. Ford Escape Hybrid 4. Lexus CT 200h 5. Toyota Highlander Hybrid 6. Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 7. Honda CR-Z Hybrid 8. Lexus RX 400h 9. Ford Fusion Hybrid (tie) 10. Honda Insight (tie)

SWOT Analysis
|Strengths |Weakness |
|Environmentally Friendly |Presence in the market |
|Competitive Price |customers still not completely concerned about the environment |
|Fuel Efficiency and Energy Saver |features- civic and accord almost have the same feature |
|“HONDA” brand is well established | |
|Reliability | |
|Customer satisfaction | |
|Opportunity |Threats |
|help the environment |Competition |
|create awareness for the people |Sustainability |
|attain brand loyalty |Gas and electric prices |
| |…