Hybrid Health Record Essay

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Running head: Hybrid Health Record
Hybrid Health Record
Ryan Engle 250129
Western Governor’s University

Management of health records is becoming increasingly complex. I will discuss the management of “Hybrid” health records, including legal issues. Additionally, I will evaluate a sample record policy for compliance with Washington State Administrative Code, Medicare Conditions of Participation, and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act.

Hybrid Health Record
Electronic Health Records (EHR) transition from paper to electronic has necessitated a “hybrid” environment. The combination of paper, EHR, and document imaging (scanning) is causing challenges for Health Information Managers (HIM). Paper forms are
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The Willow Bend Hospital compliance list follows: 1) WAC requires no less than 10 years following most recent discharge for all medical records and the Master Patient Index (MPI), Willow Bend meets this requirement except that Willow Bend only requires 5 years for imaging. 2) The WAC does not discuss the Disease Index specifically. 3) WAC requires all minor records be kept 3 years following age 18, or 10 years following last discharge, whichever is longer. Willow Bend exceeds this by requiring that Fetal Heart Records be kept 10 years after the age of majority. 4) The MPI, under the WAC is only kept for 10 years following most recent discharge. Willow Bend exceeds this requirement by permanently maintaining the MPI Permanently. 5) The WAC does not specifically discuss the operative index. 6) Adult Medical records meet WAC requirements by keeping them for 10 years following last encounter. 7) The WAC requires Minor medical records must be maintained 3 years following the age of 18, or 10 years following most recent discharge, whichever is longer. Willow Bend matches this requirement by stating “age of majority plus statute of limitations”. 8) Physician Index is not referenced in the WAC and Willow Bend requires 10 years of retention. 9) Birth Registry, Death Registry and Surgical Procedure Registry are required to be permanently retained by WAC and by Willow Bend.
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