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Heaven is just a hop, skip and jump away escape without having to leave town

Review on Nail Talk and Tan

Escape to heaven Since I moved in the area I now reside in, it was hard for me to transition into my old routine of pampering. Every week I would treat myself by going to this nail salon that I loved so much. This specific nail salon was the best of many salons in the downtown area. I had been in a dying need to get a manicure and a pedicure but due to my busy schedule I didn’t have the time to travel all the way downtown to the nail salon that I visited every week. One day I was in my neighborhood getting my oil changed in a big shopping center and I looked across the way and I saw a big sign that read Nail Talk & Tan. I walked across the parking lot and over to the nail salon. When I walked inside I walked into nail heaven. Walking into Nail Talk & Tan salon is snatching a little bit of heaven because of the outstanding customer service, the therapeutic smells, and the complimentary wine. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by an employee who asked me how they could service me today. There were women and men getting their facials done, manicures and pedicures. What was even better they had CNN televised on every wall in the salon. The nail salon that I used to go to had me wait a while due to it being so popular. The chairs were always filled and I had to wait even if I had an appointment, which was very inconvenient in case I didn’t have an appointment. The Nail Talk & Tan got me seated minutes after I walked into the salon that I didn’t even have time to absorb the beautiful scenery of the place. I was ushered and seated in the massage chair for my pedicure, when I get a pedicure I get a manicure after or vice versa. But to my surprise I was greeted by another manicurist that came right up to me and started my manicure. I was so stunned and infatuated with what I was experiencing at that moment and I didn’t expect all of this from a random nail salon that is consequently very close to my new home. I coincidentally came across this place and it was like a dream come true. The
Escape to Heaven

nail salon that I used to go to was very upscale and I loved the way my manicurist, Tammi handle my nails with care and I was very loyal to the place. Nevertheless, after my experience at Nail Talk & Tan I was so happy and grateful at the same time for stumbling across this salon and the customer service alone was so exceptional they had my business at the door. I couldn’t wait to tell my girlfriend Michelle about it. I don’t know whether it was the generosity of the employees and willingness to serve or all the many pretty different. After I picked my color I noticed how quiet the employees were. Now ladies and gentleman you know how much the employees talk amongst each other in a language you don’t understand and you always have a feeling they might be talking about you. I didn’t have any of those types of problems in that salon. They rarely chatted amongst each other and if they did you can tell that it was regarding helping another customer out color of nail polishes they had displayed for me to choose from.

The environment and aroma of the place was very pleasing. Instead of the scent of harsh chemicals that you usually smell in a nail salon, it smelled like a bouquet of roses. I was like a little kid in a candy store. While getting a therapeutic massage she added sugar salts and scrubs that smelled like peaches to the bobbling hot water that my feet was in. Being in an environment that smells good can