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Hallsville R-IV High School
9th Grade Physical Science
Rationale | Course Description

Curriculum Strands • Matter and Energy • Force and Motion • Living Organisms • Ecology/Environments • Earth Systems • Universe • Scientific Inquiry • Impact of Science, Technology and Human Activity

Physical Science Rationale:
Physical science offers students the opportunity to investigate through appropriate scientific methods much of the physical universe and its relevance to their lives.

Physical Science Course Description:
Grade 9, 1 unit

This required course involves the study of matter, motion, forces and energy that we encounter in our everyday world. Students learn to deal with science concepts and principles in an orderly and systematic manner with scientific inquiry emphasized. It not only stresses scientific concepts and principles needed by all students, but also lays a solid foundation for students who will be taking physics and chemistry in later grades.

Concept: Matter and Energy top |Topic Objective: |
|Strand 1: Matter and Energy - All students will demonstrate proficiency in the knowledge that changes in properties and states of matter provide evidence of the atomic theory of matter and that |
|energy has a source, can be transferred, and can be transformed into various forms but is conserved between and within systems. |

|Measurable Learner Objectives |Process |Content |GLE’s |Integrated |Suggested Activities |Suggested Assessments/Tools |
| | | | |Skills | | |
| | | | | | | |
|Resources: | |Instructional Methods: |
| | | |
|Text: Addison - Wesley "Physic for Everyday" | | |

| Enrichment/ Special Needs: |
| |
| |

+Key to Integrated Skills

DS = Disability Equity R = Research Skills
C = Character Education W = Workplace Skills
E = Gender Equity T = Technology Skills
D = Cultural Diversity

Concept: Force and Motion top |Topic Objective: |
|Strand 2: Properties and Principles of Force and Motion - All students will demonstrate