Hydrologic Technician Training Paper

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The HIF (Hydrologic Instrumentation Facility) offers three training courses for USGS hydrologic technicians and non-USGS personnel who work for federal, state, tribal or local agencies whose job duties include hydrologic monitoring. However, I did find those training courses are interested to be trained and to be certified which will focus on the installation, operation, and maintenance of hydrologic data collection systems that use GOES telemetry. In addition, the training will include an overview of satellite data collection systems, general capabilities of data collection platforms (DCP’s), the GOES satellite telemetry system, equipment protection, site reconnaissance, planning, and preparation, telemetry installation, power systems, sensor interfaces, antennas and masts, and troubleshooting. …show more content…
Another thing to be considered, is training on land surveying equipment and such kind of training will support running levels to Reference Parks/Datum/Bench Marks for the gage as these levels should be run at least once every 2-3 years. In addition to, training on Water Quality probes with their uses to various data collection platforms (DCPs) with the ability to record and retrieve data from these systems, as a matter of fact, such training will focus on site selection for QW probe installations; various deployment/installation techniques for QW probes; CHIMP software usage for handling of field data and quality control; post-processing of QW data; and new trends in QW instrumentation. Here, I would like also to mention that the USGS did start employing new instrument/equipment to facilitate the measurement of the discharge such as channel width being measured by a laser distance