Hygiene and Clean Room Essay

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Decon- upon arrival in the decontamination area, you need to make sure you are wearing PPE’s to protect yourself from getting contaminated and then you have to check if the filters of the washers are clean aswell.
Clean room- before coming in the clean room you need to put on PPE’s (gowns and hats) not only to protect yourself but to also prevent instruments from being recontaminated since you came from outside, you also need to make sure that you wash your hands and use hand gels before entering.
Autoclave room- before you could use the autoclaves, you need to make sure they have been Bowie dicked and also warmed up to prevent any failures with the machines. When warming up you need to make sure to put a cage in for number 3 or else it would just fail.
Decon: Your main objective when you are in the decontamination room is to disinfect sets and instruments after they have been used, before they go into the pack room (clean room) you need to make sure that they have been thoroughly washed before they go into the washers for a good rinse making them clean enough to be packed.
Clean room: Also known as the pack room, hence the room name this is where you pack up the sets that have finished going through the decontamination stage. Not only do you pack the instruments here but you also need to double check that the instruments are clean because there are some parts of certain instruments that washers cannot rinse.
Autoclave room: After the sets are…