Hygiene and People Essay

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Germs easily transfer from person to person therefore resulting in illness and sickness absence which costs employers and the economy a lot of money. Most commonly people fail to wash their hands prior and after eating food, visiting people in hospital, sneezing, using the bathroom and handling rubbish for example. Children and elderly people are at most risk from infections and viruses due to their weak immune systems. Therefore, serious illness or death can happen. The simplest way of preventing such contagiousness is to simply do regular hand washing to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. It is very vital for children to be made aware of why washing hands is appropriate so they it can become a lifelong habit. Hand washing charts is mandatory and will be found in any health clinic or care environment either in the form of written or visual charts. The written chart normally provides details of how to do such techniques properly by using bullet points in order of how to do it. They can also provide when, before and after you should do it. Whereas a visual chart will show pictures and by using the correct methods. Although both are very useful, in my opinion the visual chart is much clear to use. People working within the profession will be able to and with confidence maintain safe hygiene standards and re-enact what is presented on the chart. Each picture is a step by step guide and by following them the carer or health professional should feel that what they are doing is correct. It is even better when they have a description to guide people so they can remember how to maintain clean health standards. They should be put in bathrooms of all health environments.

Hygiene is very vital in maintaining safety standards in the health and care profession. The lack of hygiene causes serious consequences to the health of people, their employers and the economy. Poor hand hygiene causes outbreaks of the Common Cold, Flu, Salmonella, MRSA, Sickness and