Hygiene and Public Health Essay examples

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Chloe: We have been researching the roman toilets and the massive impact they have on public health. It is our priority to make sure you invest in our ideas as they can help improve the standard of hygiene and dramatically increase cleanliness
Taylor: Today we are going to introduce an idea that will alter the welfare of our community.
Imogen: Public health is of growing importance. We have two key ideas, both that will encourage an outburst of self wellbeing and disinfection
Imogen: From our research we have discovered Roman toilets have a huge fault in their construction, the raw material used is wood. This epidemic has encouraged us to find a solution to how toilets are assembled.
Vicky: We urge you to invest in our idea that instead of the toilets being created with wood a different material should be used. When people sit down onto the wood surface, anything that doesn't go down the hole and is left round the edges
Taylor: This has a negative impact on the germ rate as lots of bacteria is left behind and it is difficult to remove from the wood as it common to absorb into the cracks and grain.
Chloe: Wood is a rough material meaning liquid can fall into the bumps and lumps very easily making it hard to remove, it can also get water damage and if its damp will erode
Imogen: We decided the toilets should be made out of metal. The surface is flat therefore the remaining waste is easy to get off and wont sink in to the metal. Therefore anyone who sits down afterwards is not sitting on old faeces
Vicky: Metal toilets can effectively increase sanitary standards as you go to the toilet you are not blanketing yourself in another person's germ infested discharge.
Chloe: Not only that but you can see the dirt on a metal toilet, so you know where not to touch, where to clean and how contaminated the seat is.
Imogen: Metal is quite a shiny and reflective surface meaning waste is extremely visible,