Essay about Hygiene: Bible and Old Testament

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Theology 101: An Introduction to the Old Testament
Spring 2014
Dr. Adam Rasmussen
Essay Prompt
Thesis Question: What is the value of the Old Testament?

Give a persuasive answer to the above question. You may write from either a literary and/or theological point of view. Your answer need not be entirely positive (so you can discuss things that you do not think are valuable).
Select exactly 3-5 stories or passages from the Old Testament on which to base your answer, including the chapter and verse numbers for each story or passage. Assume the reader already knows them—do not summarize them. Analyze each story or passage in detail, explaining its theological and/or literary meaning, message, and importance.
In addition, either before, in the midst of, or after your analysis of the stories or passages, respond to Seibert’s argument. In addition to his own point of view, take into account the “defenses” of God’s behavior, and his criticisms of them, explained in chapter 4. As much as possible, integrate your response to Seibert into your general assessment of the value of the Old Testament. Assume the reader has read his book—do not summarize.
When using sources (see below), do not state scholars’ opinions as though they were indisputable facts. Rather, engage their arguments critically. Do you agree or disagree with him/her? Why or why not?
Required Sources:
• Eric A. Seibert, Disturbing Divine Behavior, 1-10, 15-34, 57-59, 69-88, 91-113, 131-66, 169-82, 190-203, 209-22
• Oxford Biblical Studies Online (link on this webpage:; log in with your Brescia email address and password). This searchable database contains an abundance of articles and resources. Use these when analyzing your 3-5 stories or passsages (see above).
• In additional, choose at least one of the following peer-reviewed scholarly articles (available in the online classroom), or find your own using the EBSCO database (link on the above webpage):
• Esther M.