Essay about Hype: Customer Service and Whip Push Buttons

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~3a~~4a~Blenderman, Inc.® ~3b~~4b~~8a~
~7a~2412 Elm Avenue
New York, NY 45312~7b~
February 2, 2012

~8b~Chris Wilson
98642 Plantation Lane
Seville, Georgia 28499

Dear Chris Wilson:

We, at Blenderman, Inc., were ~9a~sorry that you~9b~ were disappointed with your recent purchase of our Blend King 10 Speed Blender, Model 50100. Please be assured that before a single one of our blenders leaves the factory, each is tested by our quality assurance team. We pride ourselves on providing a wide selection of quality products at reasonable prices. As you may know, our company motto is “There’s no better blender than a Blenderman.”

According to your recent letter, you mentioned that:

1. ~10a~the puree and whip push buttons are not operational
2. ~10b~the cord length is too short
3. ~10c~the filler-cap is missing As for the puree and whip push buttons, you should first check to see that you have selected either the “Lo” or “Hi” push button. Without making a selection, none of the speed option buttons (i.e. puree or whip) will operate. (Please refer to the enclosed copy of the Instruction Manual for further information). In regards to the short cord length, please understand that newer safety regulations (SR #543276) mandate that kitchen appliance manufacturers make cords no longer than 25 inches (64 centimeters). While we can understand the inconvenience of the shorter cord length, we must comply with the safety standards and hope you see the value in the decreased potential fire hazard that the shorter cord provides. Although we check to see that each Blenderman product leaves our