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Journal 1
I think one of my biggest concerns is pushing my client in an appropriate way. I don't want to push my client so much that she'll have an incident. I think I will underestimate my client’s physical abilities. I want to be cautious to protect my client but at the same time I want my client to actually get something out of the workout I make for her. Another concern I had was if she was a get fit to me or if she was going to like me as a exercise specialist at all.

My first impression of my client was that she was very outgoing. She loved to talk about her family, shopping, and getting her hair done with the chatty hairdresser. She loved to talk; it was challenging for us to stay on task. I think I will definitely need to practice patience with this client. My other concern with her was her physical condition with spinal stenosis. It’s going to be a challenge to find an exercise that will not irritate her hip and back, especially if she doesn’t enjoy exercising. As much as she talks, she does mention the pain that she has often, so we will have to consider modifications. Every day will be a different pain.

For the Chair Stand Test my client completed 10 stands with the assistance of her arms, according to the performance charts she in within the normal range and above functional fitness standards. She is also ranked 65th percentile, which is not bad but it can be better. My goal for her next chair stand test would to be able to complete test without the use of her hands to get out of the chair. It might be a lower score but I believe it will be a victory for her regardless.

For the Arm Curl Test my client did 19 repetitions with a 2 pound dumbbell in her right and left hand. According to the charts she received above average and above 95th percentile rank. These are really great results, but for her next testing I would like to see my client increase the weight of the dumbbell to challenge herself a little bit more, possibly 2.5 to 3 lbs.
During the 2 Minute step test my client was able to complete 48 steps in 1 minute and 20 seconds. She needed to stop due to the pain from her spinal stenosis. She is ranked 30th percentile and according to the charts she is considered low functioning but at normal range for her age. This does not come as a surprise due to walker she uses from time to time. I believe the less she uses her walker the more strength she will be able to build in her legs.
The Chair sit-and-reach test my client received a -5.5 inches on her left leg and -5 inches on her right leg. According to the charts she is considered low functioning and is ranked 20th percentile.
The Back Scratch test was more than a challenge for my client. It's reported that she received 14 inches on her right and 24 inches on her left. She was not able to touch her hands at all. This is very low functioning.
In our last test for the client, her best time for the 8-ft Up and Go Test was 11.9 seconds. Very much like the 2-minute step test, she is considered low functioning but a normal range for her age.

Journal 4
The goals we set with our client were mainly towards improving the symptoms of her spinal stenosis. She uses a walker because walking hurts her back and it can get aerobically difficult. She said that she needed to exercise more. She said she only works out 1-2 times a week. So one of the goals for her is to workout at least 3 times a week. She said she would like to improve her balance and muscular strength, especially in her legs. We came to an agreement with all the goals our client set. All her goals were attainable and realistic for her.
My client said that she didn't like to dance very much; it especially was bothering her back (spinal stenosis). We tried out two dances sitting in a chair however. She stayed on beat for most of the time, but I could tell she wasn't enjoying it very much. She eventually asked if she could walk the halls, so we compromised with…