Essay Hypnosis: Pain and Everyday Pain

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Lisa Martin

One Commonly Misconception about Hypnosis: People will believe that the hypnotist has control over the individual mind. We tend to believe what we see and not having a clear understanding will fall under that misconception theory. The hypnotist that you see on TV is a stage act, where you will be entertain, seeing people barking like a dog, doing jumping jacks, slouched over in a chair, or even being a drunken state of mind. The truth of the matter is no one under hypnosis will ever violate their own conscious moral or principles; other words people would not do something out of the ordinary they wouldn’t do in a regular state of mind. It’s for an individual who wants to have a better understanding about this process.

Benefits of Hypnosis: In some patients who suffers from chronic pain such as rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, migraine headaches. Can really benefit from hypnosis, in helping relieving this everyday pain. Doctors have studied with some patients who has seen a decrease in pain medications with their patients. Hypnosis in the treatment of chronic pain generally, but not always, involves a hypnotic induction with suggestions for relaxation and comfort. Reducing pain that can continue the patient can quickly and easily create a state of comfort taking a deep breaths and exhaling with their eye lids close. In, some patients they can experience an immediate reduction in pain severity following hypnosis treatment, whereas others can obtain…