Hypnosis: Philosophy of Mind and Hypnosis Essay example

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PSYC1010—Basic Psychology

September 16, 2012


Hypnosis can allow the mind and body to relax where a professional will be able to commence someone into a trance. The benefit from hypnosis is to allow a person that may have had a traumatic experience to be hypnotized, and allow the source to surface from the dissociation a person is encountering. Being hypnotized for someone receiving therapy can take more than one visit; it is a process that may take multiple visits or possibly up to a year to complete the hypnotic therapy process.
Accuracy Depictions of Hypnosis From what is shown in the comic pictures regarding hypnosis it appears extreme and untrue from my view. I do not believe this is how hypnosis is in real life, and the comic strips seem to be making fun of the hypnosis therapy. The comics are not completely accurate. I do believe you have to be put into a trance to be hypnotized so that part of the comic strip seems somewhat true.
Depictions Do They Contribute to Past Beliefs about Hypnosis After reading the comic strips regarding hypnosis, this may be some of the beliefs in how I perceived the therapy sessions to be performed, to a certain degree. Reading more on the website, I realize they are poking fun at the hypnosis therapy in these comic strips. This one particular “Hypnosis is the fastest way to lose weight. You already feel $75 lighter” (Francie, 2012). I believe people can lose weight under hypnosis, but this one in particular is about money it seems, not weight.
Belief Can Someone Be Hypnotized Against Their Will Not sure if someone can be hypnotized against their will, I do not believe this can be done from what I believe. This seems to be more of a myth than truth. I also do not believe that people that are week are the only people that can be hypnotized. The truth is that everyone can be hypnotized (Giorgio, 2012). I believe that to be hypnotized you would give permission or allow someone to perform the therapy session.