Hypothermia Argumentative Essay

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Imagine a scientist; top of his field: Ivy League degree, undeniably a genius. One day a large corporation approaches him and gives him the most important question that would ever cross his great mind: What is the best way to treat mild hypothermia? As a scientist does, he begins to research this mind boggling question. “However will I solve the world's hypothermia crisis?” Is the question that races through his mind day and night as it consumes him. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years. This question drives the scientist mad as he cannot find any data on hypothermia experiments. In his final days, still clinging to this question that he has obsessed over for decades, never finding the answer, he picks up a small …show more content…
This cannot be further from the truth. The men who conducted these experiments should not be given the title of “scientist” or “researcher” they are cruel, sadistic men who saw their chance to play god. This is demonstrated in the Nazis hypothermia experiments: “For one method tested, the temperature of the warm bath was specified for only two experiments. One assistant later testified that some victims were thrown into boiling water for rewarming.” (Nazi) Any educated person would be able to know, that throwing a human into boiling water is nothing more than torture, this experiment was clearly performed out of pure curiosity and certainly not scientific integrity. This is supported by the fact that these researchers had no protocol; there is no consistency in the way they conducted experiments. Furthermore there is no control group (something that any scientist would deal necessary in an experiment) in any experiment I have come across in my research. Scientists never had any group to compare the results of their experiments to, something that is a major flaw in their research. Many Nazi researchers saw the massive population of concentration camp prisoners as a metaphorical toy box, the prisoners were their playthings in their sick, twisted minds and they wanted to see how far they could push. They wanted to test the limits of the human body, and they tested until those limits were broken. These experiments are hardly even experiments, many of them have no scientific ground and were performed for the sake of being performed, it was little more than cruel men serving some sick desire within