Hypothermia Informative Speech

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Whenever you are outdoors in Alaska, a deadly killer is close at hand. It can kill you as surely as falling from a cliff or being mauled by a grizzly bear. Have you ever heard of hypothermia? A surprising number of Alaskans have not. Hypothermia is a major cause of death in Alaska’s out of doors, striking down dozens of people every year. Hypothermia has been called “the killer of the unprepared” because it often strikes people who have never heard of it or don’t know how to handle it. Hypothermia can happen to anyone, at any time of year. It has killed snowmobilers and skiers in the winter, and has killed swimmers, fishermen, and hikers in the summer. What exactly is hypothermia and what does it do? Hypothermia is a drop in your …show more content…
Watch each other. Make sure each other’s speech is normal. Watch to see if either of you stumbles. Keep in mind that many victims of hypothermia, if told what is happening to them, refuse to believe it.

Preventing Hypothermia

Your best prevention against hypothermia is to keep your “inner furnace” warm. You can maintain your inner body core temperature by doing mild exercises (but avoid perspiration), by wearing proper clothing, and when possible, by eating high-energy foods and drinking water regularly. Remember to eat only when you have water to drink. Digesting food requires water; eating without water can speed up dehydration of your body.

Types of Clothing

Wearing warm clothes is one of the best ways to prevent hypothermia. Wool and polypropylene are some of the best materials because they retain their insulating properties even when they are wet.

Dressing in layers helps. For example, your clothing might include long underwear, wool pants, polypropylene shirt, fleece sweater, light nylon coat with fleece liner, rain gear, gloves, wool socks, and a wool cap. As you heat up or cool down, you can remove or add layers. Loose-fitting layers with air pockets will provide more warmth than tight