Essay on Hypothesis: Difference Between the Effects of Salt Water and Tap Water on Germination

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1. Title
a. Introduce myself
b. Explain why I did this. (Simple and easy. Nice way to see difference between the effects of salt water and tap water on seeds)

2. Conjecture and Universe
a. Talk about research
a.i. What is seed germination?
a.ii. What do seeds need? (Warmth, Oxygen, Water, some Sunlight)
b. Pinto beans
b.i. What I did w/ them (Placed in water and salt water to measure seed germ)

3. Hypotheses
a. Research Hypothesis: Salt water WILL affect length of the root for seed germination.
b. Null H: Salt water WILL NOT affect length of the root for seed germination
c. Alternate H 1: Salt water WILL cause the length of the root to be greater than the seeds in tap water.
d. Alternate H 2: Salt water WILL NOT affect length of the root to be greater than the seeds in tap water.

4. Personal Hypothesis
a. I added “Salt water will not cause the seeds to grow at all” and will most likely kill the seeds.
b. Why? Because I truly believe this is what will happen.

5. Materials

6. Method
a. Label the bags “Tap A, B, C, & D.” and “Salt A, B, C, & D.”
b. Fold and place paper towels
c. Place 4 seeds in each bag
d. Place 30mL Salt water and 30mL Tap water
e. Close bags and place in sunlight

7. Data
a. How did I gather the data?
a.i. Each day at 5 pm for 2 weeks.
a.ii. Measured length of the root (in cm).
a.iii. Although 2 weeks, I reported only 1 b/c there was no significant difference within that time period.
b. Statistical Test used
b.i. T-Test

8. Results for Tap water
a. These are the results that I actually recorded within the week.

9. Results for Salt Water

10. The End/Final Results of each individual seed after I stopped recording the data.

11. Results
a. “SO”
b. What did I see?
b.i. Tap water seeds actually grew
b.ii. Salt water seeds did not. They turned different colors (White mostly). This could indicate that the seed died.
c. T-test