I Am The Messenger Analysis

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The Effect the Path to Enlightenment Has on Others

Enlightenment focuses on one’s path and self purpose, this all has no meaning if there is no impact on others. To fully become enlightened, others need to be helped in their own path. This is reflected in the novel I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak. The character Ed in this novel helps his friends become better people. His friend, Ritchie finds purpose in his dismal life. Ed’s other companion Marv now knows that he does matter to someone; he feels important. Lastly, Audrey learns how to love another person fully again. As a result of Ed’s journey, his close friends grow and become enlightened themselves. The life of Ritchie is completely changed from Ed’s actions. Ritchie has lived his life feeling worthless. He has no job, no girlfriend and he lives with his parents. The nights where he isn't playing cards with his friends he's sitting at home listening to his radio, alone. Ed enters deep into his life by telling Ritchie his flaws. They talk together and connect on the subject of feeling worthless. Ed sparks some hope in Ritchie and that's what he needs to reach his own enlightenment. After, he did not do his usual routine, “Ritchie passes by the pub and the betting shop the next day and actually starts looking for a job” (Zusak 305). Ritchie grew
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Audrey grew up with a family that was never there for her, she loved them but they never loved her. The lack of affection from her family caused her to refuse to love anyone else, she does not want to get hurt again. Ed comes into her life in a major way, his actions and friendship turn into love. He is the one person that Audrey learns to love. Audrey shows she has learned to love at the end of the book at Ed’s house “‘Of course you can stay the night’... ‘not for tonight,’ she says. ‘for good.’” (Zusak 356) Ed’s influence changed Audrey as a person in a major way; she has become