I Heard A Fly Buzz When I Died

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There are several places where she inserts a slant rhyme in her first poem that we are comparing. For example, in the third stanza she half rhymes the word ring with sun “at recess- in the Ring...setting Sun,” also she throws in the words chill and tulle in the fourth stanza of the poem which is also a “off rhyme”(slant rhyme 380). “I heard a fly buzz – when I died” has several slant rhymes too and one of them is in the first stanza, room rhymes with storm “In the room…of storm” (2-4). As well, exact thyme is in lines 14 and 16 in the words me and see. From outside of the poem some individuals can say that they are completely unlike poems, but when analyzing it closely you end up seeing connection between them like the use of slant and exact rhyme. …show more content…
First poem’s setting is driving through town in a carriage alone with death and immortality, where she see's “school, where children strove” (9), this exemplify her childhood. Then they passed “field of gazing grain” (11) which is the stage of her adulthood and the “setting sun” represent her end of life, these images define the stages of her life. Different from the first poem, next ones setting is in a room, with people around her as she lies in her bad. Speaker lets the reader know that they recently stopped crying in “the eyes around – had wrung them dry” (5) and the room was quiet, than the setting changes and the reader is alone with the speaker some place far away. After reading the poems the reader can observe that the poem that each poem has its own setting which makes the poems different. Last but not least, both of the poems contain personification. Personification is in the 2nd line of the first poem, “he kindly stopped for me,” and in 5th line “he knew no haste” since it talks about death like a person with feelings and certain actions. Furthermore, this author uses same techniques in her second