I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings By Ortiz Cofer

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Personal narratives are types of stories that resemble a true event that happened to its authors. The entire story is from the perspective of the author. Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve, Maya Angelou, and Judith Ortiz Cofer are American authors, but all came from different cultures and had different values. They all wrote personal narratives about an experience when they were younger that changed them. These stories are based on an event in the author’s life when the authors didn’t appreciate his or her elders’ values, and they were embarrassed by their actions. The author expresses the conflict through the way the main characters in the story reacted to the actions of their elders. What type of conflict is typically revealed in personal narratives? The type of conflict that is typically revealed in personal narratives is man versus self; as seen in “The Medicine Bag,” “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” and “Abuela Invents the Zero.” …show more content…
This is an internal conflict and it is man versus self because as stated in the story Martin is nervous about grandpa coming and what his friends will think of him unlike his sister who is overjoyed to see grandpa. Martin says the bag is dusty and old and could not wear it to school and other places because he was embarrassed about what the other kids would say about it. In conclusion, Martin learned an important lesson about the importance of his family and its