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Jimmy Nguyen English049 Assignment 1 A memoir from Lac Su, "I love Yous Are for white People" " I love Yous Are for White People" is a memoir about Lac's journey and his family immigrated to America from Vietnam, after the Vietnam's War. Lac's family had to deal with cultural shock, language barrier, and difficulty finding jobs. As a Vietnamese immigration myself, I feel like Lac's experiences live through me because there were a lot of similarities in his memoir compared to my past experiences with my parents. Lac's family and many immigrations families had the same circumstances, that had a hard time adapting to a new cultural, and establish a new life in America. As the result, this environment played a …show more content…
These weapons include plastic rod from mini blind, spatula, rice bowl, a radio antenna, and a wooden yardstick. Despite Pa's efforts, Lac feels like it didn't help him become any smarter from the beating. He feels like Pa wants him to become a man even though he haven't finish the third grade yet. He realizes his relationship with his dad as" The small doses of nurturing that I've learned to wait for and cherish are no more. Like sandy cliffs along the seashore, they've eroded away with time". At this age, Lac needs nurture from his father just like any other children waiting for their parents to nurture them. And when their parents are not fulfill their children's emotional needs, then children will give up. That is the sign of emotional abuse that Lac had encountered in such at a young age. One evening, during dinner time, Lac once again experience physical abuse from his dad. Pa beaten and threaten to kill Lac because he refuses to feed the dog. As Lac re-lived through that intense moment feeling confuse and hopeless, " I run the evening's events through my head over and over again, trying to figure out what the hell just happened to me. With no reasonable explanation to be found(161). Like a "quicksand"(162), Lac feels like he would never lived up to Pa's expectations because of harsh criticism from Pa, even though he has tried his best to impress and striving to meet Pa's expectations, yet that still is not enough to satisfy Pa. Lac recalls " The