I Must Act Speech By Governor George Ryan

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“I Must Act,” was originally a speech given by Governor George Ryan at Northwestern University College of Law on January 11, 2003, announcing his commutation of all of Illinois’s death sentences. Governor George Ryan, when first elected, was for the death penalty. However, he has stated that his feelings regarding the death penalty have changed many times and that during his time in public office he has reserved the right to change his mind if he believes it is in the publics best interest. Personally, I have respect for the process Governor George Ryan went through when trying to make sense of the death penalty. His credentials and connection to the death penalty is what makes me believe him when he says he wants what best for the public. The system is seriously flawed and Governor George Ryan did an outstanding job of critically assessing the system and making a decision with no evidence of a bias agenda. …show more content…
When we refusing to look at the facts which surround death penalty cases, blindly supporting the death penalty becomes about revenge and not