I Want To Be An Animator

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Gear Up
My father always told me that if you love your job you will never work a day in your life. I had never really thought about this until 8th grade. I had always hopped from different decisions such as paleontologist and Veterinarian. Both of these impressed my parents seeing that I had high ambitions for life. Now I feel I want to be an animator, not any animator but a 3D graphic design major. I want to go to Sheridan or Cal Art, two of the top animation schools out of 100. I love art and video gaming with a passion so seeing that I move into this line of work I will never work a day in my life. One of the attributes I need to have is being responsible. My yearbook teacher always says if I cannot trust you with little deadlines how will I be able to trust you with a page in the yearbook. This is how it works in life and schooling if I cannot handle little homework assignments how will I be able to handle myself with college deadlines. I need to turn work in on time which means a day or two before whenever the assignment is actually due. This way I will be able to cut out last minute mishaps such as power outages or the printer not working. I need to have more than one way to get my assignments so I can get them in on time or early. The other thing I will have to be to get into college is learn people skills. In an animation college I will need to be able to work with other people in order to get things done. If I don’t know you that well I will not talk to you unless I am being weird. My yearbook class has helped me break out of my shell a lot so shyness isn’t too big of a

91048720 problem but it still hangs over my head. I don’t introduce myself to others and it will take up a month maybe even longer before I talk to some people. If I want to be a successful
Animator I cannot be like that I will have to be able to work cooperatively with others as well as by myself. Support is a big issue for many people but I find that this will be