I Want To Play Baseball Just Like Them Essay

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This starts off with a boy named jimmy. He is a boy who lives at home. All day long because he is home schooled by to loving parents he also has a crazy grandpa that lives with him.

Jimmy and his dad were watching a baseball game and Jimmy said, “I want to play baseball just like them”. Jimmy's dad Fred signed him up in a baseball league he could play in this league. Jimmy was on the team the Royals he was excited that he was playing baseball.everyday after his studies was done he would go to a baseball field and practice his hitting, his fielding, and his throwing. Till one game Jimmy was steeling for home and he broke his ankle because his foot got stuck in the catcher’s gear and turned it really bad. Later on that afternoon he found out that he can play again in two weeks and he will be in a cast for one week.

two weeks later Jimmy was ready to go back to playing baseball but
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So why Jimmy was playing outside one of the neighbors came out and said hope it wasn’t your parents in that bad car crash they said that because it was on the news earlier that day so then jimmy went into the house and said “Wait was that call about my parents.” The grandpa said, “ yes, they are in critical condition and is expected to wake up i just did not want to worry you.” so Jimmy took it on himself to change his life before his parents woke up so First he made up with his friends, went shopped for food, cleaned the house. Then Jimmy had time for something