I Would Like To Choose The Culture Shock In The Sociology Concept

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Mingyu Kuo
Professor Brougham
Sociology 101

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1. I would like to choose the culture shock in the sociology concept. ‘‘Culture shock” is the experience of being disoriented because of a lack of knowledge about an unfamiliar social situation. (Croteau , 2013, p.64)
2. Culture shock has occurred in my life in several situations. When I arrived in United States, I was really confused with the greeting way between the people. In Taiwan, we are rarely greeting with people even say the word of “thank you” or “sorry” .In the campus I can find out that many students would full of passion to greet with each other, also in some cases they would like to chat with you, even you are a stranger or not really familiar with he or she. At first, I was not comfortable with it, but after staying here for almost one year, I gradually feel really familiar and adapt to it. Next, the academic and education pattern are really different between Taiwan and United States. American students are really good at express their opinion in the classes or some public places, and the classes’ contents are really focus on participate in several practical activities about their future career. In contrast, Taiwanese students are always focus on the scores and the books, we are more quiet than the American students and most of our time are spending to seat in front of the desks. This situation is really unfamiliar for me and is a very big task for me to adjust