IOM Future Of Nursing

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Implementation of the IOM Future of Nursing Report
In 2010, the announcement of the Institute of Medicincine (IOM) report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, shook the whole nursing realm and brought an unprecedented impact on nursing education, nursing practice, and nursing workforce development. In addition, the IOM Future of Nursing report leads the current trend of nursing. The author of the essay will offer the summary of the IOM report and analyze, identify and discuss related information about the implementation of the IOM Future of Nursing report.
Summary of the IOM Report
In order to provide the seamless, affordable and quality care with patient-centered and evidence-based practices and improved health outcomes,
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"The committee works with policymakers, health care professionals, educators, and business leaders to respond to the country’s increasing demand for safe, high-quality, and effective health care as well as mobilize nurses, health providers, educators, businesses, and consumers to strengthen nursing on multiple fronts in every state’s Action Coalition" ("Campaign for Action", …show more content…
The state-based Action Coalitions bring in the concept of Community. Each state as a community and the Action Coalitions plan to build healthier communities with community advocates, such as representatives from health organizations, businesses, education, and so on ("Campaign for Action", n.d.). Each state drives force to perform the local health care reform through nursing to achieve the ultimate aim in building the high-quality, patient-centered, and affordable care. The common goal is establishing a healthier