Which Core Part Of An Operating System Provides Essential Services

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1. Which core part of an operating system provides essential services?

a. Service
b. Driver
c. Kernel $
d. Module

2. Which among the following is the process of proving that provided identity credentials are valid and correct?

a. Identification
b. Authentication $
c. Authorization
d. Nonrepudiation

3. The ability to run a backup is an example of which Windows feature?

a. Permission
b. ACL
c. Capability
d. Right $

4. Which among the following is the best reason to define security groups while configuring access rights for users in a network?

a. You can only define ACLs by group.
b. Groups define collections of local users.
c. Groups streamline defining ACLs. $
d. Active Directory pre-defines common
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a. Disable it
b. Remove it
c. Firewall $
d. AppLocker

33. What is the first step to ensure a necessary network service is secure?

a. Update Windows with latest service packs. $
b. Disable it.
c. Deploy Kerberos.
d. Use a firewall to block access to the service.

34. Which Microsoft utility helps secure Windows server computers by applying standard settings?

c. IDS
d. SCW $

35. What is the first step in enforcing end-user compliance with your security policy?

a. Controls
b. Consequences
c. Awareness $
d. Acceptance

36. Which of the following attacks add more authority to the current session of an application than the process should possess?

a. Malformed input
b. Privilege escalation $
c. Identity spoofing
d. DoS

37. Which of the following steps of hardening client application software ensures that the software has the fewest number of known vulnerabilities?

a. Define firewall rules.
b. Set user permissions.
c. Apply latest patches. $
d. Check for encrypted connections.

38. Which server application most commonly responds to requests from client applications such as
Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox?

a. Productivity Software
b. Application Server
c. Web Server $
d. Database Server

39. Which security control best protects private information when using a public network?

a. Encrypted communication $
b. Encrypted database storage
c. Firewall between the Internet and Web