IS3220 Project Network Security Plan Ch Essay

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IS3220 Final Project: Network Security Plan
Chris Wiginton, Jose Rosado
ITT Technical Institute, Tampa FL
Instructor: Sherman Moody
18 November, 2014

Network Security Plan
INTRODUCTION (Purpose and Intent)
The Corporation Tech IT Network Security Plan establishes guidelines for IT practices used on a day to day basis to provide a secure and robust computing environment. These practices are used in order to protect the mission, operation, and reputation of Corporation Tech System and its information systems.
These system security policies, standards, and procedures that have been established for the Corporation Tech System, are intended to comply with the regulations and policies set down by the State of Florida, Corporation
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The following guidelines must be followed when requesting or using any DHCP or DNS services:
• Systems requiring an IP address must support DHCP and be capable of obtaining DHCP address information from one of the centrally administered University DHCP servers.
• Using DHCP, devices requesting an IP address will be assigned a dynamic pool address from the subnet to which the device is attached. Devices with dynamically assigned IP addresses may have their address change.
• Static IP addresses needed for server class machines or specialized clients must be requested from the Data Center Communications Team via a Help Desk ticket.
User workstations, which have been assigned a dynamic pool IP address, will have an associated DNS name assigned by the network.
Any DNS name or domain name that is to be associated with Corporation Tech network, must be requested from and/or registered through Web Services. DNS names ending in are made available upon request for Corporation Tech approved services.
Requests for assignment of DNS names must be for valid Corporation Tech related purposes.
DNS names for domains other than, and which are to be hosted by Corporation Tech systems, must be requested from Web Services. Any charges for initial or ongoing