Essay about IT Systems' Development Life Cycle

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Criteria reference
To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the learner is able to:

Task no.

Explain the role of software design principles and software structures in the IT systems development lifecycle


Explain the importance of the quality of code


Discuss the factors that can improve the readability of code


Purpose of this assignment: To demonstrate understanding of principles of software design, in relation to specific programming scenarios, and how these principles relate to the software development life cycle.

You have applied for a job as a junior software developer and have been selected for interview. In preparation for this you have been asked to prepare a report to
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The specification is the analysis of the main idea; it is about checking if all the requirement have been met.
The specifications must be as the client’s requirements and making sure they are not incomplete, contradictory or ambiguous.
The idea and scope behind the calculator application was complete and after checking if all requirements have been met, I agreed that I can continue to the design stage.

Design (input, output, data and algorithm)
For the design, the specification stage will help to identify how to build.
The design is formed of two steps, which are the architectural and the detailed one. The architectural step identifies the modules, while the detailed one designs each module.

Implement (code)

After the system design documents have been assessed, the work requires to be divided into modules, so that the coding can begin. The main focus is the produce of the code, which is needed to be properly developed. This is the phase that lasts the longest and requires a great amount of attention.


This step is designed to assess the development of the product and to assure that the requirements are met, by doing system, unit testing, integration testing and finally acceptance testing.


Maintaining the program has a high impact on its saleability, as it can encounter difficulties such as bugs/errors that need to be fixed, or due to the quick technology