Iago s Misery Essay

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Julian Austin
Dr. Von Bergen
Composition 1102-V
Iago’s Misery In most of Shakespeare’s works of art, there would be always one character in each story that stands out in a more complex way than usual. This character description describes Iago perfectly. Iago was certain that even though he was young at the age of 28, he was more than qualified to become Othello’s lieutenant. Knowing this, it is understood why Iago reacted by carrying out a plot of deceit against Othello; His injured merit. Iago took a jab at Michael Cassio’s military experience by explaining how Cassio is just a mere Florentine that never set a squadron in the field; and unknowing of the true meaning of battle (1.1.20-24.). Iago decided to take matters into his own since he was the only one that thought he was qualified for promotion. Even though Othello did not intentionally cause Iago to suffer from injured merit, it was enough to motivate him to make everyone as miserable as he was. A great outlet used by Iago to spread misery to others would be his use of language. At almost every opportunity, he would belittle fellow soldiers, generals, the wife of a general, and even his own wife Emilia. Iago showed great disrespect toward Othello by using bestial language. While poisoning Brabantio, Iago insults Othello by referring to him as a Barbary horse covering Desdemona (1.1.110). Not only did this disrespect Othello’s skin color, but it also insulted Brabantio as a father. Surprisingly, the disrespect did not stop there. Iago also took the opportunity to disrespect the Idea of marriage arguing with Desdemona, “Nay, It is true, or else I am a Turk. You rise to play, and go to bed to work” (2.1.115). Iago’s words were greatly intended toward Emilia and Desdemona endorsing that women are only useful in bed. Based on his words it is obvious that this display of vulgarity is just one of few results stemming from Iago’s Inner Misery; causing him to use language to bring others down to his level of sadness hidden inside him. Once Iago was indirectly pressed by Othello, he decided that he wanted Othello to be just as miserable as he was. He thought that the perfect revenge would be to heal his injured merit by injuring everyone else’s through manipulation. Iago’s entire plan would be the testament to his manipulation. Iago had tricked Roderigo to fill his pockets in hopes that he would be assisted in winning the heart of Desdemona. Even when Roderigo was on the brink of drowning himself Iago fools him into staying alive long enough to plot against Othello. Iago expressed his true intent by acknowledging, “Thus do I ever make my fool my purse, for I mine own time expend with such a snipe but for my sport and profit” (1.3.363-366). Iago’s display of deceit is nothing but a part used in a domino effect to enact revenge on the man who indirectly caused him to suffer within. The plan for this was simple since he knew what Othello’s Achilles Heel was…Desdemona. Knowing this Iago planted ideas into Othello’s mind of Desdemona’s Infidelity; but not…