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The language used for international business should continue to be English
-Universal Language:
- For example if a company is dealing with a foreign company with a different mother tongue, they will use the English, the universal language to communicate to each other. English is the main language of these countries where there is lots of languages spoken, like in India where more than 700 languages are spoken by their local people. English is also one of the most studied language all across the world, most of the countries teach it as a second language from primary school. As per the statistics, it said that the English language is one of the easiest languages to learn, if we compare it with languages like Chinese, German, French and even Spanish 80% of the information that we find in the internet is in English, take this into consideration because the internet is one the most used and effective sources of communication across the world
- to facilitate communication and performance across geographically diversely functions and business activities:- Sitting together in Paris, employees of those two French companies couldn’t close a deal because the people in the room couldn’t communicate. It was a shocking wake-up call, and the company soon adopted an English corporate language strategy. Imagine that a group of salespeople from a company’s Paris headquarters get together for a meeting. Why would you care whether they all could speak English? Japan’s largest online marketplace—to mandate in March 2010 that English would be the company’s official language of business. The company’s goal was to become the number one internet services company in the world, and Mikitani believed that the new policy—which would affect some 7,100 Japanese employees—was vital to achieving that end, especially as expansion plans were concentrated outside Japan. 96 percent of respondents say that LANGUAGE SKILLS ARE IMPORTANT FOR PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS in the current business environment-
-Customer Service: The second pillar of business optimization through language training is the way language skills enhance customer service. Companies that seek to improve service and support for their increasingly multicultural and international customers need to engage them in their preferred language. For example, a study published in the Harvard Business Review found that a 5 percent improvement in customer retention rates can increase profits by more than 25 percent. Another study found that a 1 percent reduction in customer-service issues could generate an additional $40 million in profit for a medium-sized company over five years. There’s substantial anecdotal evidence as well. For example, Best Buy, the electronics retail chain, offered voluntary language training to its store-level sales associates. It opted for Rosetta Stone instead of traditional lessons, because it wanted a solution that was online and easily accessible, with minimum setup requirements or administrative hassles
-A common language gives people the illusion of communicating effectively and sharing the same context and interpretation, even when this may not be the case. The same words can mean different things in different local settings, and different pronunciations or strong accents can make communication more difficult than it seems. Depending on who’s speaking to whom, it isn’t necessarily a common language a lower value of the canadian dollar is good for canada
-A weaker dollar is welcome news for large swaths of the economy that have struggled to recover from the recession manufacturers Half of the company’s sales are in U.S. dollars. A lower Canadian dollar means higher profits and more money to invest and increase staff. It’s a return to normalcy after a challenging period, when the dollar hit $1.10 and his company was barely breaking even. Mr. McBain watched with angst as many fellow Canadian manufacturers went out