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Modernization in Traditional Society
Actions of the characters, in Midaq Alley, and the social situations that come about, creating the conflicts of the story, were in part explained by the conclusions of the IO, on the day in question, which shed light upon the effects of a changing and modernizing Egypt.
The Islamic practices of Egyptians caused traditional dress and family roles to be held as paramount, but with the British occupation and subsequent imposition of new values, the British ideals of the above began to gain traction. The suit used by Mr. Fahrat was worn in attempt to demonstrate political superiority and professionalism. As the British came to represent sophistication and wealth, suits and posh hairstyles (like my hair) began to become the norm.
Many new technological innovations emerged in the UK became popular in Egypt as the Britsh opened up a light to the western world and its customs and, conveniently, products. The radio became insanely popular among all who could gain access to it, allowing the experience of the whole world through the ears, rendering various traditional sources of entertainment and news, like the expelled cafe preacher, in the face of easier and fresh alternatives, marginalized. The emergence of new technologies was facilitated by the introduction of electricity, one of many innovations brought from Great Britain, which allowed all of her technologies to function in the land in which electric products had not previously existed.…