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Analysis based on Monologue Script:
1 Theme= Importance of Community:
Many of the diary entries focus on Denver's movement to the outside world. This is not only the beginning of Denver's maturity but also the discovery of herself and foundation of her identity
Once Denver steps out of her emerald closet and comfort zone she is able to see the benefits of the outside world
With the community coming together to help Denver and also collectively exorcising Beloved makes up for the community's past misbehavior (which Stamp Paid stress on many times in the book), and also marks beginning of letting go of grudges regarding the 124 household.
1 Theme: Past vs. Future
Throughout the novel we see the destruction of identity because of the past and slavery
In the beginning Denver conflates her identity with Beloved and determines herself through her mother's past (defies herself through them)
However, Denver moves on to the future, not only allowing her to develop her own identity but also she allows the past to be separate from the future (finds this out much faster than Sethe) main reason as to why she is able to pull herself out of 124, despite becoming "deaf" after Nelson tried to ask her about her mother's misdeed
Paul D also realizes this by forgiving Sethe and calling her, his "best thing"
1 On the other hand…. Theme: Not letting go of history
Through the monologue in the future we see Denver warning her kids not to forget history completely. ("This is not a story to pass on...."= key quote)
This monologue was meant to portray Morrison's warning to remind us that it is easy to forget history, yet in order for us to fully comprehend the future we cannot forget about history (even though we should not dwell on the past)
Although specific to slavery, this is a universal lesson for all of history (we can still learn from it, regarding other events)
1 Theme: Foundation of Identity
I wanted to focus on how Amy, the indentured servant, really makes up a lot of Denver's identity, and also really focus on the fact that Denver seemed inspired by Amy's courage to later on step out of 124 (After all she is named after Amy!)
Thematic focus: A better identity is developed when looking at the future with a hopeful light. For example,