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Taylor Browne
March 1, 2015
IB World Literature 2: Homework Assignment

The Great Gatsby & Bodega Dreams
Questions should be answered in at least one paragraph.

1. Should individuals change themselves however necessary to achieve their dreams or opportunities or can they go too far and suffer negative consequences?

I feel like people should change themselves however necessary to achieve their dreams. If person has a dream they always wanted to come true, they should do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams. People have to change in order to protect themselves and to make their lives better. People can’t go very far without changing themselves. It doesn’t have to be a huge change because change themselves

2. What is the American Dream? How does it inspire and influence people? Does it still exist today? How do you know?

The American Dream is when someone who has nothing can come to America and become anything that they want to be and support their family. This can inspire people to dream big and work hard to become anything. Yes, the American Dream is still exist today. I know this because people every day become what they always wanted. Take Michael Jackson as an example. Michael Jackson was a little boy who wanted to become one the greatest entertainer in the world. Today Michael Jackson has went from a poor boy that had a big dream to one of the biggest and greatest entertainer in the world.

3. How and why do authors use symbols to convey the themes of a novel and their significance in terms of the characters and events of the story?

Authors can use symbols by putting animals in the story. They can do this because it’s the animal can have special meaning in a particular culture or country. They can do this by adding other things in a story besides animals. They can add other characters, objects, plants, and a certain location

4. How does the historical context of a novel influence its plot, style and characters?

Historical context of a novel can influence its plot, style, and characters in a huge way. If an author was writing a book like the short story “Brownies” then they would have to make sure the tory matches the time period it is being written in. It’s also important to match the plot with, style and characters with the history context because it makes the story more realistic and it allows to reader to understand why the author is writing whatever they’re