Iberia Airlines Essay

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7. Introduce the firm:
a. who is the firm?
Iberia Airlines
i. whom does it serve?
In 1944, the civil Aviation Conference was held in Chacigo, where fifty two states siged an International Convention that established the basic principles for the functioning of the air market: each country could negotiate bilateral agreements with other countries in order to regulate the market conditions that would govern air traffic. Before the 1980’s, the planning system used was basically “ point to point”, that is to say, direct flights from one city of origin to another of destination. Instead of planning simple routes, they planned routes from and to the hub airports that came from or were going to other cities. In 1959,

ii. What value
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The Mckinsey 7S

Strategy: to build partnerships among other airlines but still having independent capital to have independent profit
Structure: Everyone reports to the CEO, Rafael Sanchez- Luzano Turmo who decides whether the proposals are to be accepted
Systems: Iberia Airlines became more established in the world of air travel and began commercial connections six days a week between Madrid and Barcelona.
Shared Values: Its goal is to dominate the airline industry
Style: Its style is selling cheaper flights but efficient service.
Staff: The Iberia airlines provides ground staffs and cabin crew with iPads to improve customer service
Skills: Its main objective is to give services to customers who wants a point to point flights (domestic flights) but it is currently serving international flights

Strength- Low cost price but efficient service
Weakness- Too many international airlines. The train industries are also being their rival companies in term of short term travels
Opportunities- well known internationally by giving efficient service
Threat- insufficient capital, companies that are well known giving services faster and easier in terms of international flights
9. Formulate the vision and mission statement
As we move towards our goal of being a world-class airline, we will continue to give extra-ordinary services to attain customer needs. We intend to provide our customers with a efficient though low cost pricing