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If you joined IBM, what could you achieve?

Why IBM?
Consulting isn’t just about ‘great clients’ or effective solutions. For us, it’s about something far bigger. It’s about pushing boundaries. Sparking ideas. Being surrounded by insightful people and far-reaching resources. At IBM, there’s a huge variety of clients and projects to get stuck into. We are not interested in the off-the-shelf or the been-there-done-that.

Quite simply, if there’s something new to explore, or something challenging to develop, we’re there. In other words, this isn’t the kind of work – or the kind of environment – where you’ll keep your head down and solely focus on getting results.
Join us and we’ll encourage you to follow your instincts, explore things no one has thought of before and deliver work that will capture people’s imagination.

Let’s build a Smarter Planet.
Join IBM.




Why IBM?


What is a Business Consultant?


Some of the industries we’ve worked in


Explore IBM’s Service Lines


Application Innovation Services

12 Application Management Services
16 Strategy and Transformation
22 Business Analytics and Optimisation
26 SAP
30 Oracle

What will I learn?


What we look for


What we offer


What next? 3

What is a
Working as a Business Consultant within
IBM’s Global Business Services (GBS), you’ll focus on varied aspects of our clients’ businesses. This is all about delivering solutions to address some of their biggest challenges – from strategy and processes, asset management and transformational projects to people and change.


You’ll be working very closely with clients to explore these complex issues, offering crystal clear advice and developing bespoke solutions that are driven by their needs. Through this, you’ll gain exposure to a wide number of business processes while specialising in either a particular software solution or an entire industry. With IBM, you are in control of your career, progressing in the direction of your choice.

As a Business Consultant, you’ll learn how to analyse the needs of a business, ensuring that it remains competitive in the face of increasingly challenging market changes.

This could be the perfect role if you combine a business-focused degree with a passion for technology – and you’re keen to bridge the gap between the two.

During your time on the graduate programme, you’ll move between different assignments, typically spending three to nine months in each. 5

If you’re not careful, niches can become trenches. Not here. The sheer scope of what we work on means you’ll have the opportunity to explore new types of projects across nearly every industry area. Here, you’ll have the freedom to align yourself with the kinds of projects that interest you – if you’re proactive and committed enough to seek them out.
IBM is active in over 18 industries, from driving top-line growth and managing risk in the aerospace and defence industry, to reducing exploration risk and cost through reservoir modelling, seismic data processing, and advanced rendering and visualisation in the chemicals and petroleum industry.

• Aerospace and defence
• Automotive
• Banking
• Chemicals and petroleum
• Communications
• Consumer products
• Education
• Electronics
• Energy and utilities
• Financial markets
• Government
• Healthcare
• Insurance
• Life sciences
• Media and entertainment
• Metals and mining
• Retail
• Travel and transportation

Some of the industries we’ve worked in


IBM is made up of six service lines. Each of our consultants is aligned to one of these, based on their unique skill set and, of course, the needs of the business.