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IBS Presentation
Professor Atkins
Harley Davidson
Last week one of my good friends asked me to join him in going to the Harley Davidson factory tour for his Operation Management class. I of course said yes, because I have lived here my entire life and somehow managed to miss all opportunities that my high school had given me. When I was in the tour there was a lot of interesting facts about the company, but what I found most interesting that there were so many bikes being made to be shipped all over the world. That fact peaked my interest and made me look forward to researching more global information about them.
Not only has Harley survived two recessions and are the biggest well known motorcycle manufacturing company worldwide. Recently, its stock almost reached $74.93, an all-time high seen in November 2006 and at the end of April this year. Since then it has fallen nearly 14% and they believe it has a connection the company lowering shipment because of the mass recall of motorcycles issued recently. Harley recalled 66,421 touring and CVO touring bikes, manufactured between July 1, 2013 and May 7th with anit-lock brakes due to a front wheel locking problem. The Hog Motorcycle was not impacted at all because of their 0% defects and because of them Harley maintains a strong global brand appeal and has built a loyal consumer base, with great superior quality and service perception.
However, Harley has not been exactly doing well here in the us because of tough…