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ICBC bank from establishing early requirements, In national policy on the basis of the well-known policy loans. On the basis of the industrial and commercial bank assets there are huge in this payment. Those loan interest rate lower and bad debt situation. In this paper, the industrial and commercial bank of China as an example, from the perspective of market segments and 4 p gold business marketing strategy was discussed, and combined with other domestic commercial bank gold business situation, analysis of the current industrial and commercial bank of China the advantages and disadvantages of gold business on marketing strategy. Through to the gold market and the development overview of Chinese commercial Banks, it is concluded that China's commercial Banks gold business has good prospects for development. Therefore China's commercial Banks should be proactive, and strive to occupy the dominant position in the field.
ICBC in recent years, from the perspective of the break institutional barriers, constantly transforming business processes, integrated optimization management element configuration, improve the service mode; strive to make services more quickly.
In the aspect of the business process, the bank launched in 2007, the personal financial business process optimization project, the business operation process and processing link the carding and optimization, simplify the procedure of the front desk deal, shorten the transaction time. Proof of funds, for example, the integration