Iceland and Reykjavik Essay

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Reykjavik - The Icelandic Getaway

Reykjavik, Iceland: a holy matrimony of beautiful sights. Iceland is said to be, one of the oldest, most valuable countries in our world today. Despite its tiny size, and small population, Reykjavik, Iceland holds many old prehistoric, as well as, many beautiful landmarks/landforms. The country of Iceland is located in the northern hemisphere of europe, closest to Greenland and Canada. Iceland is the best place to visit because of the culture, sights, prehistoric history, and the food.

Due to Reykjavik being a country thats not entirely too close to america, we have to discuss trip costs. From Phoenix, Arizona, to Reykjavik, Iceland, the cost for a round trip plane courtesy of Icelandair, would be around $1,986.62. To some, that hefty price for a plane ticket might not be that expensive, but to me, that surely is a handful of money. (icelandicair, Web). Obviously, while you are in Reykjavik, you have to book a spot at a pleasant hotel. At Reykjavik Lights, they offer a pleasant experience with fine dining, a pool, as well as a day time spa. For a one week trip, and stay, it will set you back about $776.51$. (, Web). Of course while you are here, the major way of transportation is by vehicle. Renting a vehicle for one week in Reykjavik will cost approximately $450. Lastly, the major key item you will need for your travel abroad the seas, is a Passport. American passports used for over the sea voyages will cost you about $195. The grand total for your Icelandic adventure will be around $3,500, not including gas, food, and fun things to do. (acer car rental, Web).

The climate in Iceland is, well you guessed it; COLD. Due to Iceland’s location; Iceland is near the northern polar cap, which gusts cold front winds straight over to Iceland. In the summer, the hottest the temperature will get is 55 degrees fahrenheit. In winter, the coldest the temperature will get is 25 degrees fahrenheit. Rainfall per year, in inches is 2.7, and the yearly temperature average is around 39.8 degrees fahrenheit. What makes Iceland so chilly is the subpolar oceanic climate. Iceland's major landforms include: Volcanoes, Glaciers, Waterfalls, Geysers, Sea Cliffs, and more. Iceland's major landmarks also include: Blue Lagoon, Shopping, Whale Watching, Clubs, Perlan, museums, Church of Hallgrimur, and Videy Island. Some major bodies of water include: Ellioavatn, Glymurfoss, Kleifarvatn, Nauthoisvik, and Tjornin. We all know that Reykjavik, Iceland is one of the most oldest, prehistoric countries to surface in our world. after all, the country is basically a volcano. Founded and established in A.D 870 by Ingolfur Arnarson, the city of Reykjavik was founded in 1786, originally as a trading town. (Reykjavik, Web). Iceland also offers a variety of famous people. Some of which are Bjork, Baltasar Kormakur, Gunnar kilmer, and Snӕr Guюnason. (Most Popular, Web). Some major events in that have happened over three centuries are the Icelandic constitution (1874), the Great Cold Winter (1918), the British Army invading during world war 2 (1940), and the Republic of Iceland being created (1944). (20 facts about iceland, web). The people of Iceland have developed a unique style called Nordїc Street. Mainly, this style of clothing is very earthy, and heartfelt. Men wear peacoats, and brown leather skin boots, and women wear floral print dresses, shliekvendastn sweaters (kind of like tribal pattern) and flats. (Nordїc Street, web). What makes Iceland an amazing destination to go to for parties and Raves, is the music selection. some of the selection of the genres are RCUM, electronic, house, EDM, downtempo, tribal house, etc. (music of Iceland, Web), The religion factor in Iceland, is mainly Lutheran, with Germanic Heathenism. (Religion of, Web). Iceland’s government is based out of Reykjavik, and is Republic with Parliamentary Government. (icelandic government, Web) What we all are excited