Ichabod: A Short Story

Words: 546
Pages: 3

It was a dark, foggy night and the wind was whistling through the trees. Ichabod was casually walking through the woods on his way home, singing psalms because he had a bad feeling something bad was going to happen. The wind grew silent and Ichabod heard snapping sticks and rubbled leaves behind him. He sharply turned around and on top of the hill, he made out the shape of what he believed to be the horridly brutal headless horseman. Ichabod gasped and started running into nowhere, as the horseman started galloping towards him. All Ichabod could think of was running and that this could be the end, and as many see their loved ones when they believe their life is about to reach its conclusion, he sees the face of Katrina and regrets his final encounter with her. The terror mixed with regret building up inside of him gave him an unknown boost of energy that Ichabod had never experienced before. His sorrow turned to rage and a type of fury started to build inside of him that even he couldn’t control. He felt his bones tighten and his fists simultaneously clench. Whoever this horseman was: myth or legend, he wanted it to die. He would not accept defeat as he had already done that night, and all his life. His heart was stone and the nice, knowledgeable, soft man that was …show more content…
Ichabod had no time to think he grabbed the closest blunt object near him, a softball sized rock. When the horseman was within 5 feet away from him he throw the rock with all his might, and with the force of a battering ram the rock smash into his chest and down went the horseman. The horseman was not moving, and laid in a pile of mud and leaves. Ichabod had to make sure it was dead so he grabbed an even bigger rock, which was the size of basketball. He held it up to his head and just let it drop on the stunned body. Nothing could have survived this type of impact so he knew it was dead. Ichabod was felt like a heroic hero now, but not for