Ict 231 Exam Marking Guide Essay

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PART 1 - Multiple Choice (25 MARKS)

Each item has one correct answer. Mark your answers to questions 1 to 50 on the computer answer sheet.

1. ____ is the process of understanding and specifying in detail what an information system should accomplish.
a. Systems design
b. Automation
c. Systems analysis
d. Strategic planning

2. The ______ is an object-oriented system development methodology offered by IBM’s Rational Software.
a. Unified Process
b. structured system
c. class diagram
d. entity-relationship diagram

3. A(n) ____ to development is used when the exact requirements of a system or the users’ needs are not well understood.
a. systems development life cycle
b. adaptive approach
c. predictive approach
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c. turnkey
d. benchmark

30. What defines the technologies to be used by (and used to build) an information system in terms of its data, processes, interfaces and network?
a. Rapid application development
b. Object-oriented design
c. Application architecture
d. Prototyping

31. What technique duplicates some or all tables of a database on more than one database server?
a. data partitioning
b. horizontal partitioning
c. vertical partitioning
d. data replication

32. The information system application layer that implements any processing that must be done to generate the user interface is known as:
a. the presentation layer
b. the application logic layer
c. the data manipulation layer
d. the data layer

33. The ____ is a type of UML implementation diagram that shows the overall system architecture and the logical components within it.
a. component diagram
b. activity diagram
c. three-layer architecture diagram
d. system sequence diagram

34. A class that contains the logic to run a use case would be a(n):
a. entity class
b. boundary class
c. control class
d. persistence class

35. The standard UML notation for a dependency relationship is a ____.
a. solid arrow
b. document icon
c. dashed arrow
d. dashed rectangle

36. Which of the following is NOT one of the activities of object oriented design?
a. Modelling class interactions, behaviours, and states that support the use-case scenario.
b. Refining the