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Unit 7 Calendar of events Evaluation Sheet
|Name of Document: April 2008 shower |
| |
|Target Audience: |
|The target audience for this calendar is more for families, so like for parents and children, this is the aim of audience because |
|also you can see this from the large family picture which is on the calendar. |
|Purpose of document: |
|Well the purpose of this calendar is to let the parents make notes on it so like for example they have an important thing to do so |
|they put it in calendar under the day it will happen so that they don’t forget when it is. |
|Images |
|On this calendar there is only one image. It is a large image of a large family. They are outside in a rain and everyone has an |
|umbrella. The image is on the full page so it is clear and it also stands out. I think that the focus point is the image because |
|when I first looked at this image I have looked at the image first. The boxes are then under the image on the next page which are |
|also on the whole page. The image and the boxes made it look like a calendar and also made it look like professional. The good |
|point about this image is that it is nice and big and also that it is on a whole page, this makes the calendar look professional. |
|The bad point about this image is that it could have a boarder around it to make it stand out more, but it is fine because the |
|image is big and it is eye catching. |
|Text |
|There is no text except of the tittle and days which the tittle is in the top left hand side corner. The tittle is in white so it |
|is clear. Then there is the date which is on the top of the second page which says “April 2008” the tittle is in black colour and |
|the year is in green colour. The fond is easy to read it is simple and also the size is good because I can read it without any |
|problems. The days are in two colours so they are separated. From Monday to Friday the