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Game Evaluation Grid (GEG)

Rating (1=Excellent, 5=Poor) 1

Are the screen layouts clear and well balanced? 

Is navigation consistent throughout the game? 

Can the user easily access all pathways through the game? 

Is the font you selected easy to read? 

Does each page in the game load quickly? 


Are the graphics clear and attractive? 

Are the graphics relevant to the game? 

Are the graphics excessive or distracting?

Are the graphics consistent throughout the game? 

Use of Colour

Are the colours attractive and appealing to the user? 

Do too many colours mean screens appear cluttered and difficult to read? 

Help Facilities / User Instructions

Can the help pages be accessed at any time during the game? 

Is the language used easy for the user to understand? 

Does the help facility clearly explain the rules of the game? 

Does the help facility clearly explain how to navigate through the game? 

Do graphics included in the help facility help with understanding? 


Can the user easily understand the scoring facility? 

Does the score facility work correctly? 

Can the user easily locate the score facility? 


Is feedback easy for the user to understand? 

Can the user easily see the feedback when it is made available to them? 

Is the feedback useful to the user? (i.e. it tells them more than they are right or wrong) 

Personally I believe that the rooms have a consistent layout and the paths of the enemies are correct and take the correct route. When the player talks to any of…