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Unit 3 ICT Solutions for Individuals and Society

Task G The availability of electronic information

Your first task is compulsory. Failure to complete this task and hand it in by the deadline given below may prevent you from starting this course in September. You will have the opportunity to make improvements to this task next

Your task:

Investigate the availability of electronic information. You should investigate how electronic information is available to you and your family, how people who do not have access to the Internet are affected by this and if there are any people who do not want access to this information.

You need to examine society in general looking at how people within your experience use electronic information and how those outside of your experience use electronic information. This report should use actual examples as evidence to prove your points. You should also include some discussion on how organisations communicate with individuals and society in general.

Include a bibliography of the sources that you use to research this topic.


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20th July 2010

How to Submit:

Name the file with your full name and place in the hand in folder in Frog. Go to Frog, All Subjects, ICT, Lessons, Applied GCE, Taster Session, Hand In.


Give your assignment the title “The Availability of Electronic Information”. Make sure that your assignment includes a title page, a table of contents, page numbers and your name in the header or footer.


In order to gain high marks on this task make sure to write about each of the following points in detail. Please do not use the bullet points as headings – they are there as a guide only.

• Introduce your assignment and explain briefly what you have been asked to investigate

• ‘Explain’ in detail how the availability of electronic information affects you and your family (e.g. having access to the Internet, information available on your phone, TV, etc.)

o Include advantages it brings you

o Include disadvantages of having access to electronic information

o Explain what kinds of things you can do because of your access to electronic information

o Explain what things you would not be able to do if you did not have access to electronic information

o Give some examples to back up the points you make

• Now think about how the availability of electronic information impacts on other people. Here are some examples of people you could write about but you may come up with others. Think about the benefits of electronic information to these people but also write about the disadvantages to those who do not have access to electronic information. Give examples to back up your points.

o People who are unemployed

o People who have their own business

o The general public

o People with disabilities

o People who live in the country (or other remote locations)

o People in other countries (e.g. third world countries)

o Teachers and other professionals

o School children

o Advertisers

o Parents

o Home owners

o Someone booking a holiday

• Now look at society as a whole. How has the increasing availability of information (for example all of the information available on the Internet) changed society in this country and even across the world?

o What are the benefits of these changes?

o Are