A Brief Note On No Risk And Risk

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No Risk
Impact risk contingency 1
Unable to meet up with the client due to the client inability to attend or the projects manager inability to attend.
This could be likely due to a number of possibilities; the client herself could be unable to attend a meeting due to illness or other personal reasons. Me as project manager could be unable to attend due to similar circumstances. It is therefore quite likely that either party could be unable.
This could delay the project and of course this is a knock on effect and causes everything else to be delayed which over increases the duration of the project.
Incorporate room for contingency into my schedule to allow for unseen problems, this is quite minor as you can delay it a few days and still be on track.
Injury could cause the project manager to not be able to do certain things.
I would class this as not very likely as you can still do a massive majority of tasks, but of course if it is a critical injury it may permanently delay the project.
Dependant on the severity of the injury it could cause major delay, but also on the other hand if it is something small scale it could be a matter of days. 5/10
There isn’t much you can do if there is an injury, of course you would allow a few weeks overall for contingency but as I said it depends on the severity of the injury .
Financial Issues could cause the business to lose not exist which would jeopardise my project.
This in the current economic climate may be quite likely for most businesses, but as I am doing my project free of charge and the business I am doing is quite well established and has been going for years I think is quite unlikely.
If this were to happen it would be massively risky due to the fact that if his business does suddenly go bust then he may not be able to keep the business running and therefore he wouldn’t want this project.

Discus with the client their financial position in order to see if the project is able to be completed with certainty that the company will still exist in 5 years.
Holidays which would holt my project and could be detrimental to its time of finishing.
This could be quite likely, but I currently don’t have anything planned in term time so this may not affect this. But if my client goes on holiday and I need potential information from him this could halt my progress with the project especially if it is on the critical path of what must be done. 6/10
If this were to happen this risk wouldn’t be catastrophic, as he has already gave me permission to his website and I have emailed him and asked him on the questions I needed to know in order to complete the project. 2/10
Find out dates of which my client may not be available and prior to this time try and complete work which won’t need help or his opinion on, so that the project can keep moving smoothly.
Viruses which could get into the system and potentially remove my work or I could lose part of it.
This would be unlikely as I will backup the information on a separate hard drive in order to keep the information secure and