Ideal Egyptian Life Essay

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From the text located in “Lament of Ipurr,” it is suggested that the ideal Egyptian life was not achievable in the time it was written; this text was written as if during a time of sadness and was rather a work of reminiscing. The line, ‘yet it is good, when boats sail... without any thieves robbing them’ imply that the great empire has lost a bit of control. The chaos is also represented in each line that begins with ‘yet it is good,’ which, in my opinion, inherently would follow a plethora of things that have been said to have gone wrong! The ideal life as suggested by the writer, would have been to have plentiful food, lavish architecture and landscapes, a happy yet hardworking public and safe officials. The ‘light’ use of words while referring to ‘when man’s hands build pyramids, when pools are dug and plantations are made...’ suggest the speaker is an elite member; a member in which isn’t involved with heavy labor like the common people. Also the statement, ‘yet it is good, when beds are made ready with headrests of officials safely set up...’ would also suggest that the speaker is an official his/herself. Because this person is of high standing, what has been written has most likely been written for the public to read. Possibly, this was to ensure civilians that their leaders had their best interest at heart; a form of propaganda of to maintain control and promote ‘patriotism’ in a time of chaos. The problem is that this ideal way of life does not strike me as