Ideal Performance Management System

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This report is based on the change of organization performance appraisal and advantages of having that well-designed and properly implemented performance appraisal system. The purpose of this report is analysis to face the common problems associated in our organization while conducting performance appraisal and also several characteristics of an ideal performance appraisal system.
Performance appraisal is evaluating an employee’s current or past performance standards and also employers use to make sure employees are working toward organizational goals. Performance appraisal help in planning for correcting deficiencies and reinforce things done correctly and also helping identifying employee strengths and weakness are useful for
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Not Used for Performance Improvement
The mainly used for performance appraisal is not only afford input to employee’s about how they doing but also offer the organization with indication of areas of employee strength and opportunities for development. By analyzing results and taking benefit of both best practices in areas where employees are performing well and opportunities for developing in areas where they are not organizations can get maximum value from their performance appraisal efforts.
Characteristics of an Ideal Performance Management System
Job Descriptions
An accurate job description is a vital characteristic of an ideal performance management system. Lack of clear understanding of job duties, it's impossible to know what the employee is supposed to be doing. The job description isn't a laundry list of tasks for each title or position; however, it contains the essential functions of each job and the qualifications necessary to perform those tasks. So the job descriptions should be clearly mentioned the tasks and duties of employee and it should be well supervised. It is important to give clear cut tasks and the employee should sign the document and the due dates should be
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The appraisal system should be fair and beneficial to both the individual employee and the organization. The Objectives should be written and it can be shown to the notice board as well as lifts. Because every day the employee can see the goals of the company and it encourages the staffs to work to achieve the companies’ goals. Feedback and Participation:
The ratings should be communicated to both the employees and the raters. The appraisal system should be open and participative. The appraisal should fill in the presence of the staff so that he can also talk to his points and give his views about the works and tasks. The employees should get information on their performance. The system should involve employees in the goal setting process. The company executive level , senior management and supervisors and as well as staffs should sit in the meeting while setting the companies goals as well as the companies vision and mission and the upcoming events.