Ideas About Identity Essay

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Ideas about Identity

People change their identities to suit the need of the moment
Throughout the story David is shown to display more feminine qualities and then upon his Father’s requirements shoots a squirrel as that is the person his father accepts despite his obvious discomfort
A person’s identity can change through interaction with others
Through interactions with his Father, David changes his behavior and desires to prove to his father that he is the son he wants not the son he has
Identity must be sometimes sacrificed in order for an individual to be able to join with society
In order for David to be accepted among his family and society he sacrifices what he believes to be right such as shooting the squirrel?
Our sense of identity constantly adapts to the needs of society
It is difficult to pinpoint who Mrs. Murray is as she constantly adapts and changes herself to fit the needs of society as to not draw attention to herself and her family for the wrong reasons.
It is difficult to possess a sense of belonging when we are unsure of our own identity
David is often questioning details about his life and his acceptance within his family as he is unsure about who he is, what he stands for and what type of person he shall be.
Our identity is influenced by how others view us
Mr. Murray’s strict view on others and how he perceives his own family shapes the characters into acting different ways and altering their identity to please his expectations not their own.